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My expertise is in

the craft (and art) of writing and editing text

to educate, inform,

promote, and sell.


         Copywriter                         Editor                            Wordsmith

About my love affair...​


"I've had a life long love affair with words...their meaning, their they look on paper and how they roll off your tongue.  Let's be honest, I'm a word geek. I practice the art of wordsmithery." - Liz Reynolds


I am a professional copywriter with an extensive background in advertising, PR and marketing.  Copywriting is a studied skill and takes practice and experience to perfect.  While I am a seasoned professional, I keep a constant eye on the ever changing face of marketing today.


My specialty is working with solopreuners and small to midsize businesses to create results oriented marketing communications.  Collaboration is key -- I listen to my clients needs and goals -- ensuring that their marketing message clearly promotes the value of their business to their targeted audience.  I bring a blend of creative and strategic to each project to create communications that work. 



Liz Reynolds
Professional Copywriter


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